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What pupils says about Sacred Heart

What the children say they like about Sacred Heart and what people should know ...


Lots of learning

Lots of friends

The children are well behaved at our school

The children and adults are very friendly and easy to approach

The children will help you fit in and the teachers will too

Other children are always willing to help if you have any problems

The motto is be a 'buddy, not a bully'

If you have any worries or difficulties you can trust an adult to support and help you. They will always listen. There is a sharing box in every class too, if you are too shy to speak out.

Small - so we know everyone

It's easy to find friends

It's a warm community.

We're respectful to each other.

We're engaged in our school environment.

Good outdoor area, with a field and climbing equipment.

Everyone is included.

It's a happy and safe place to learn.

Our school is Catholic. Not everyone is but we all feel we belong.

We're all friends.

We work hard with our learning.

We are all different but everyone fits in.

We have a lovely environment to work and play in.

There is plenty of space.

We have a really good breakfast and after-school club - very nice food and activities.  Friendly supervisors. I feel safe and happy there.

There are fun clubs and activities which change each term. We make suggestions for clubs that we would like.

Our parents come to help at school.  

The teachers want us to do really well in all our subjects but also want us to be happy and enjoy school.

Teachers notice when we are not feeling our best or are not doing our work as well as normal. They help us.


See About Us, School Information for Prospective Parents for a school video and more information. Our Nursery is also open all day during term time. Follow us on Twitter at @SacredHeartTedd