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Lockdown Gallery of children’s work

Another very busy friend from Nursery, Maximilien is cooking, painting and having fun outside with his big sister Oriana. Great work Maximilien!

Teddy has been very creative, he’s made some amazing models, pictures and a fabulous sign for his door. Well done Teddy.

Millie has been having a great time in the garden with her sister, the flower perfume you’ve made looks beautiful, I expect is smelled lovely. Great work Millie.

Here’s Jake having fun outside and creating a fabulous picture. Well done Jake

Hattie has been planting seeds, cooking and drawing. She’s helping to plant potatoes on the allotment too....busy girl!

Phoenix and his family have been spending lots of time outside in the garden and the park. They also found time for an indoor picnic. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos.

Look at the amazing mouse Alice made from a lemon. Well done Alice this is beautiful

Olivia has been busy

James’ Garden

Alice’s Butterfly

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