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Hopefully you all remember that we are growing potatoes at school. We left the seed potatoes on the windowsill for 2 weeks to chit. Lots of little stems started growing from the seed potato.


Seed potatoes chitting

Seed potatoes chitting 1

We planted the seed potatoes in a big bag half filled with soil. Under the soil the potatoes continued to grow.


Over the Easter weekend 12th April the green leaves appeared above the soil

Potatoes 12th April

Potatoes 12th April 1
Potatoes 12th April 2
Our potatoes are growing very strongly. They need plenty of water and sunshine to help them grow.

Potatoes 23rd April

Potatoes 23rd April 1
Potatoes 23rd April 2
The potato leaves are now growing above the level of the bag. I have had to put extra soil in the bag to encourage the plant to produce lots of tubers (baby potatoes). 

Potatoes 4th May

Potatoes 4th May 1
Potatoes 4th May 2
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