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Teddy Bear footsteps

Teddy Bear's Footsteps

This game is a variation of the classic game "grandmother's footsteps".

One child starts off as the bear. Stand at one end of a cleared area and turn your back from all the other children. No peeking!

All the other children are hunters. You need to line up at the opposite end of the area.

When a grown-up says "GO!', hunters have to start taking small steps to reach the bear - but you have to be very quiet, otherwise the bear could catch you!

As soon as the bear turns around, hunters have to freeze and stand as still as statues. If the bear sees you moving, you are out of the game.

Repeat the round once the bear has turned around and a grown-up says "GO!" again.

The winner is the first hunter to touch the bear on the back without being caught. Their prize is to be the bear in the next game!

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