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Relational Approach

Relational Policy Summary for Parents


This policy has been developed following the school’s successful achievement of the Attachment Aware Schools Award. It was through the process of achieving the award we identified the unique offer at Sacred Heart. As a school we have now embedded the use of the Restorative Approach, the Zones of Regulation and Thrive®, along with the attachment principles. We believe,that it is through these combined approaches that the school is in a strong position to support the wellbeing of each individual child. The school has dovetailed the behaviour learning policy into this policy so that this Relational Policy is the approach of the school in supporting children with their emotional well-being and self-regulation, so that they can understand and demonstrate expected behaviours in school and beyond in the wider community.   


The school expected behaviours (School Rules): 


The school’s expected behaviours are based on our school values:

Achievement   Care    Consideration  Generosity   Love   Patience   Prayer   Respect   Tolerance


The children will:

  • take care of and pride in their work, their school and the environment 
  • support and encourage each other with love and patience
  • treat others with respect and consideration  
  • take responsibility for their own actions 
  • do their best to achieve their potential and to allow others to learn
  • help everyone enjoy their time at school include others in all school activities demonstrating

            tolerance and generosity of spirit

  • pray with reverence
  • wear the correct uniform, wearing no jewellery other than a watch and/or small stud earrings
  • tie back long hair.


All staff will:

  • take time to recognise and record positive behaviours and attitudes and reward success

      by catching children doing the right thing and enhancing this

  • engage in establishing the non-negotiable and negotiable rules at the start of the academic year and revisit these regularly
  • focus on the values, rights and responsibilities of the school when establishing these boundaries in conversation with children
  • remind children that their actions impact on others and that they have a responsibility safeguard the rights of others
  • seek both a resolution and learning when dealing with incidents
  • consider how our actions and words help and give children and young people time and space to resolve the situation
  • keep in mind that children benefit from a clear structure (containment) within which to learn
  • use consequences only as a form of appropriate, proportionate and positive intervention
  • keep in mind that any consequence used is to resolve rather than escalate a situation whilst preserving dignity off all involved
  • keep in mind that consequences must be applied compassionately and in a fair and consistent way


Rewards and Consequences

Children are regularly reminded of school rules.  They are applied fairly and consistently whilst considering individual circumstances, including the child’s age and any learning difficulty or disability or attachment needs.  There are many ways in which the children are rewarded such as house points and marble treats. Unexpected behaviours are supported through the Restorative Approach, Thrive® and the Zones of Regulation.


Partnership with parents

We work as a team to support the children in our school as they grow and develop socially and emotionally. We actively promote a partnership with parents and carers and we are fortunate to have such a supportive parent/carer community.

Parents/Carers will:

  • work in partnership with the school so the children receive consistent messages about how to behave at home and school
  • support the school rules
  • support children’s learning and cooperate with the school as set out in the home school agreement
  • support reasonable sanctions where needed
  • be able to approach staff if they have any concerns about their child
  • sign the Relational Approach Agreement


Link to full policy on the school website.

See About Us, School Information for Prospective Parents for a school video and more information. Our Nursery is also open all day during term time. Follow us on Twitter at @SacredHeartTedd