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Personal, Social and Emotional Development

At Sacred Heart Nursery we believe that happy children are ready to learn, developing a positive and confident start to their journey as life-long learners. Every morning we welcome each child individually and start the day with singing, dough disco, dance or fine motor skills activities and often gross motor skills outside.

We respect each child as an individual and support them in developing their confidence, helping them to recognise and name their emotions and begin to self-regulate their behaviour.

We support children in understanding and learning the expectations of the setting and as they begin to do so they develop their ability to listen and follow instructions. Children are encouraged to think about and apply our school values to their everyday interactions with one another to foster a calm atmosphere of mutual respect and engagement.

Children are supported in becoming independent so that they can select resources and develop activities with one another and be confident in asking for help when they need it. Practitioners are always on hand to support and extend children's learning and understanding, providing the vocabulary necessary for children to express themselves articulately.



Snack Time

Every morning the children sit in small groups to have snack-time together, supported by an adult. This is a lovely time where the children speak together about things that interest them and get to know one another a little better.

Children learn the importance of personal hygiene and good manners are valued, modelled and expected. Children are responsible for clearing their own cup and plate away and do so willingly.



Relational Approach 

Children are taught to recognise and name their emotions and feelings. They are taught and supported in learning how to self-regulate their behaviour. We have a calming area where children who need some quiet time can sit and reflect. 

Children are taught to think about their actions, the impact they have on others and how things can be resolved happily for everyone.

If children are identified as needing additional support we adapt our provision to meet their needs.


See About Us, School Information for Prospective Parents for a school video and more information. Our Nursery is also open all day during term time. Follow us on Twitter at @SacredHeartTedd