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Worm Videos

“I am not a slimy beast,” the Earthworm said. “I am a useful and much loved creature. Ask any gardener you like.” - James and the Giant Peach


He is a pretty gloomy creature - as the Ladybird tells James, “He hates to be happy. He is only happy when he is gloomy. Now isn’t that odd? But then, I suppose just being an earthworm is enough to make a person pretty gloomy, don’t you agree?”


James is quick to point out the Earthworm’s good points. “he would be absolutely grand for digging subway tunnels and for making you a sewer.”

If you want to find out a little more about worms have a look at this video from the Natural History Museum. Learn to love worms...

Show a bit more love to the humble earthworm | Natural History Museum

Some people may think there is only one species of earthworm in the British Isles but in fact there are 27 different species. Emma Sherlock, Curator of Free-...

James and the Giant Peach - Family

Take a little time Just look at where we are We've come very, very far together And if I might say so And if I might say so too We wouldn't have got anywhere...

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