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The Wonderdome was terrific! We were able to see Mars and the rest of the planets up close, which was so cool! We loved the first picture of the Milky Way because it was really pretty and interesting. We were amazed to find out that 28 million years ago we were on the other side of the Milky Way. A brilliant experience!     Jamie and Emilia

“I loved it” – Harry S. 

“I liked the fact they call it the Milky Way because it looks like spilt milk.  I didn’t know there was light blue and dark blue planet that is so soft you can’t step on it, you will float right down to the middle” - Isla

‘I thought we could see the volcanoes and the lava on Venus which was amazing’ – Alex

‘The rings around Saturn are made of dust and ice and will disappear one day’ – Jan and Imogen

‘We learnt about ‘dirty snowballs’ which were comets. When they get near the sun they melt.’ – Jan

‘I liked seeing how the comets moved across the galaxy.’ – Maria

‘Jupiter had a storm which was as big as two Earths.’ – Jan

‘We lay on the floor and looked up at the planets.’ – Ruby

‘We felt sorry for Pluto because it wasn’t a ‘real planet.’ 

Again, another wonderful experience for the pupils to learn outside of the classroom in an interactive way. The knowledge the pupils demonstrated about the solar system amazed the tutor! 

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