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Make a Wormery

Equipment needed

  •   2 litre clear, plastic bottles or plastic box
  •   Safety Scissors
  •   Compost, or soil, or mixture of the two
  •   Sharp sand
  •   A few Worms
  •   Water to dampen layers
  •    Worm food - grated carrot, vegetable peelings, dead leaves, shredded newspaper
  •    Black cardboard or similar


Step by Step

1. Collect some worms. 

2. If you’re using old plastic bottles cut the top 1/4 off the bottle, to make a lid. Make a slit in the side of the lid so that the top can close over the bottom part.

3. Fill the bottle or pot with alternating layers of sand, soil, sand, compost, sand etc. spray each layer with water so that it is damp.

4. Add a few worms to the top and watch them burrow down. Then add the food to the top. Wash hands after handling worms and compost.

5. Wrap the black cardboard around the bottle or pot to make it dark. Worms do not like light and it will encourage them to burrow around the outside of the bottle so they can be observed. 

6. Place the wormery in a warm place. Remove the cardboard for observation periods and to record findings. check the contents are damp and that there is food available for the worms.

7. After 1 week release the worms... 

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