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In School and After School Activities 2019-2020

In School Activities and After School Clubs


At Sacred Heart, we offer a range of additional activities and clubs for the pupils. In addition to the Breakfast and After School Care clubs, the following activities/clubs are available in school. For more information, please contact the school office who will be able to help or direct you to the right person to talk to.



In-School Activities

After School Club

(3.30 pm to 4.30 pm unless stated)


Guitar lessons

Contact: Richmond Music Trust 020 8538 3866

Tennis Coaching  (Y1 – Y6)

Contact: Tennis England 0800 043 007 


Gymnastics (times vary dependent on age)

Contact: Gymsters  07979 650 847


Music Technology (Y3 - Y6)  (lunchtime)

Contact: MTech 01483 578114


Chess Club (Y3 to half term then Y3 - Y6)

Contact School Office (lunchtime)

Art & Wellbeing Club (Y1 to Y6)

Contact: Sketch Better 07766 658517

Italian Club (Y2-Y4) (Starting 15th October)

Contact School Office  

(After October half term) 


Piano Lessons  

Contact: Richmond Music Trust 020 8538 3866


Recorder Lessons (Y3 - Y6) 

Contact School Office 


Choir Club (Y5 - Y6) (lunchtime)

Contact school office 


Gardening Club

First come first served

Open to Juniors - maximum of 10


Mixed Rugby Club/ Girls Football  Contact School Office (Y 5-6) (lunchtime) Alternate weeks

Running Club (Y2 - Y6) 

Contact: Real Runners  07815 932 491




Boys Football Club  (Y5 - Y6)

Contact School Office 


Brass Lessons   

Contact: Richmond Music Trust   020 8538 3866

Dance Lessons (Y3 - Y6)  

Contact: Dancebites 07956 244 939



Netball   (Y5 - Y6)

Contact School Office


Coding Club - Junior Jam (Y3 - Y6)

Contact School Office 


Creative Writing Club (lunchtimes)


Drama Club (Y1 - Y6)   

Contact: Boo Theatre and Entertainment  07840153026


Homework Club (Y5 - Y6)

Arranged with Class Teachers


Coding Club Junior Jam  (Y3 – Y6)

(depending on interest)