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In School and After School Activities

In School Activities and After School Clubs


At Sacred Heart, we offer a range of additional activities and clubs for the pupils. In addition to the Breakfast and After School Care clubs, the following activities/clubs are available in school. For more information, please contact the school office who will be able to help or direct you to the right person to talk to.


Over the year 2020 to 2021, extra-curricular activities have been limited due to the impact of Coronavirus; however, from September 2021, the school will look to provide a range of activities in line with those listed below.



In-School Activities

After School Club

(3.30 pm to 4.30 pm unless stated)


Music Technology

(Y3 - Y6)  (lunchtime)

Contact: MTech 01483 578114

Tennis Coaching  (Y1 – Y6)

Contact: Tennis England 0800 043 007 



Music Technology 

(Y3 - Y6)  (lunchtime)

Contact: MTech 01483 578114


Recorder Lessons (Y3 - Y6) 

Contact School Office 


Chess Club

(Y3 to half term then Y3 - Y6)

Contact School Office (lunchtime)

Art & Wellbeing Club (Y1 to Y6)

Contact: Sketch Better 07766 658517  


Italian Club (Y2-Y4) (Starting 15th October)

Contact School Office



Piano Lessons  

Contact: Richmond Music Trust 020 8538 3866


Guitar lessons

Contact: Richmond Music Trust 020 8538 3866


Choir Club (Y5 - Y6) (lunchtime)

Contact school office 


Gardening Club

First come first served

Open to Juniors - maximum of 10


Mixed Rugby Club/ Girls Football  Contact School Office (Y 5-6) (lunchtime) Alternate weeks

Running Club (Y2 - Y6) 

Contact: Real Runners  07815 932 491




Boys Football Club  (Y5 - Y6)

Contact School Office 


Brass Lessons   

Contact: Richmond Music Trust 020 8538 3866


Book Club (lunchtimes)

(Year 4 only - Spring and Summer terms)

Dance Lessons (Y3 - Y6)  

Contact: Dancebites 07956 244 939


Netball   (Y5 - Y6)

Contact School Office


Coding Club - Junior Jam (Y3 - Y6)

Contact School Office 



Drama Club (Y1 - Y6)   

Contact: Boo Theatre and Entertainment  07840153026


Homework Club (Y5 - Y6)

Arranged with Class Teachers


Coding Club Junior Jam  (Y3 – Y6)

(depending on interest)


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