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Who's Who

Bernadette Smith                                                                             Clare Taylor

Headteacher                                                                                       Deputy Headteacher

Bernadette Smith - Headteacher                                              Clare Taylor - Deputy Headteacher


Teaching Staff

Bernadette Smith (Headteacher)

Clare Taylor (Deputy Head and Inclusion Manager)

Michelle Kenedy (SLT & Year 6K)

Vanessa Harrison (Nursery)

Kim Dell'anno (Reception)

Sinead O’Brien (Year 1)

Catherine McCue (Year 2)

Emma Morris (Year 3)

Laura Fekkes (Year 4)

Helen Furrer (Year 5)

Jess Saulet (Year 6 ST)


PPA Teachers:

Simone Potter

Joelle Yen 

 Angela Fogg (Music)


Classroom Support Team

Sabina Chamiec (Teaching Assistant - TA)

Francesca Di Fiore (TA)

Sue Forwood (TA)

Dawn Hanson (TA)

Francesca Heslop (Nursery Assistant - NA)

Laura James (NA)

Rachel McClenaghan (TA)

Linda Mitchell (TA)

Amin Orchard (TA)

Lisa Stenning (Welfare, TA)


Inclusion Team

Clare Taylor (Inclusion Manager)

Sue O’Connell (Inclusion Assistant)

Laura Ash (Learning Support Assistant - LSA & Sports Coach)

Jabeda Begum (LSA)

Sarah Boyle (LSA)

Florence Coney (LSA)

Melanie Flowers (LSA & Sports Coach)

Rachel McClenaghan (LSA & TA)

Antoine Nyugen (TA, LSA & Maths support)

Grace Perrott (LSA & TA)

Mandy Tennant (LSA)


Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff


From left to right: Linda Byrne (Administrative Assistant), Beth Brewin (Administrative Officer), Penny Owens (Finance Officer)


Site Management

Andrew Wardell (Site Manager)

Noel Holdstock (Assistant Site Manager)

Reception Applications close on Tuesday 15th january 2019 - please call to arrange a visit if you missed our open day events.