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Who's Who

Bernadette Smith                                                                             Clare Taylor

Headteacher                                                                                       Deputy Headteacher

Bernadette Smith - Headteacher                                              Clare Taylor - Deputy Headteacher


Teaching Staff

Bernadette Smith (Headteacher)

Clare Taylor (Deputy Head and Inclusion Manager)

Michelle Moss (SLT & Year 5M)

Vanessa Harrison (Nursery)

Kim Dell'anno (Reception)

Sinead O’Brien (Year 1)

Catherine McCue (Year 2)

Jess Saulet (Year 3)

Michela Simmons (Year 4)

Simone Potter (Year 5 P/F)

Kerry Haylock (Year 5 P/F)

Michelle Kennedy (Year 6)

 Angela Fogg (Music)


Classroom Support Team

Sophia Brunelli (Teaching Assistant – TA)

Sabina Chamiec (TA)

Francesca Di Fiore (TA)

Sue Forwood (TA)

Francesca Heslop (Nursery Assistant - NA)

Linda Mitchell (TA)

Amin Orchard (TA)

Lisa Stenning (Welfare, TA)


Inclusion Team

Clare Taylor (Inclusion Manager)

Sue O’Connell (Inclusion Assistant)

Laura Ash (Learning Support Assistant - LSA & Sports Coach)

Sarah Boyle (LSA)

Florence Coney (LSA)

Melanie Flowers (LSA & Sports Coach)

Laura James (LSA)

Rachel McClenaghan (LSA & TA)

Mandy Tennant (LSA)


Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff


From left to right: Linda Byrne (Administrative Assistant), Beth Brewin (Administrative Officer), Penny Owens (Finance Officer)

Congratulations to our Boys' Swim Team - Small Schools Borough Champions 2018 & our Year 5 Girls' Football Team - Kingston and Richmond Cup Winners 2018.