School Development Plan & Self Evaluation Document

The School Development Plan, or SDP, is at the heart of our planning process. During the Summer Term, staff and governors meet to decide what our priorities for the next academic year will be. They review what’s gone well during the year, and discuss what’s not gone so well. They take into account the views of parents and children (gathered from several surveys throughout the year), together with recommendations from Ofsted reports and Local Authority education experts; they analyse SATs results and pupil progress and attainment, and formulate the SDP which will be referred to at every governor and staff meeting throughout the year. You can have a look here  at our most recent SDP Overview 2016/17

Self Evaluation Form (SEF)

Although the publication of a Self Evaluation Form is not statutory, the school goes through a regular round of self-evaluation and produces its own SEF. We do this so that all stakeholders know where we are, where we have moved and our areas for development.

You can have a look here at our most recent SEF Spring 2017