School Council

The School Council exists to give every child a chance to share their ideas and comments about the school and the wider community.

One girl and one boy from every year are voted by their classmates to represent them on the School Council, which meets regularly.  The minutes from our more recent meetings can be accessed below.

Recent initiatives originating from the School Council include:

  • Muga (Multi Use Games Area) which is now in the school playground.
  • ‘Do Something Different’ days and other Charity Days
  • An anti-bullying charter and the judging of a resulting poster competition
  • Board games for the summer house to be available during playtimes
  • Input into our new Whole School Rules which are:

Minutes of Meetings:

Minutes 12.09.16.

Minutes 02.11.16

Minutes 04.01.17.

Calendar of School Council Meetings 2016/2017:

School Council Meetings 2016 to 2017