School Building Fund

Sacred Heart is a voluntary aided school. The governors are responsible for the insurance of the school and the collection of contributions for payment to the Diocese of Westminster. The Diocese funds a proportion of the costs of the building maintenance and improvements. To fund this payment, all families are asked to make a voluntary contribution, currently £100 per year.

More information: Why do we need a School Building Fund?

The School Building Fund follows the school year and every October we ask parents for their donation for that ‘school year’. We write again in February to thank parents for their contribution but also to remind those who have not yet paid.

You may pay either online, via cheque (payable to Sacred Heart School Building Fund), or we have also made it easier for parents to contribute by completing a Bankers Order Form. If you want to pay by bankers order then please pick up a form and letter from the school office or alternatively complete the form here and return it to your bank. Please remember to give a copy of the form to the School Office. This allows us to monitor who has very kindly contributed, identify if you need to complete a Gift Aid form and also to liaise with the Diocese and HMRC over receiving our Gift Aid re-imbursement.

Arrangements can be made to ‘Gift Aid’ contributions, whereby the school will be able to reclaim the Income Tax which you have already paid on this contribution. This provides an added bonus to the school and can add considerably to the income of the Building Fund. It approximately works out at 28 pence extra for each £1 donated by parents.

Parents can choose to ‘Gift Aid’ their contributions at any time and once the forms have been completed it means that any future contributions you make to Sacred Heart will increase its Building Fund. The signing of a Gift Aid Declaration Form means that any contributions given since April 2000 can be used to help the school.