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Sacred Heart School

At Sacred Heart Primary School, we have high standards of academic achievement, with consistently strong Key Stage figures.

At our last OFSTED inspection, we were graded GOOD with Outstanding Social, Moral and Cultural Development. At the follow on, Section 48, Religious Education Inspection, the school was judged Outstanding. Both reports can be accessed through the links below.

In the academic year, 2015/16, the Statutory Assessment Test (SATs) for England changed in format and expectation. The expectation of 10/11 year olds was increased alongside the demands of the curriculum. These higher expectations led to a drop in KS2 attainment Nationally, with the National combined figure for the expected standard or above (EXS+) in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined (RWMC) falling from 80% in 2014/15 to 53% in 2015/16 at Key Stage 2. At Sacred Heart, we exceeded the National attainment measure with 67% of pupils achieving the expected standard or above in RWMC.

In 2015/16, the results at Key Stage 2 remain unvalidated (01/17), however, our results at Key Stage 2 were as follows:

Expected Standard and Above:  High level of Attainment

Average Scaled Score

(Higher level of Attainment = 110+)

Progress Measure


From KS1 to KS2

Reading   = 2.8 points

Writing = -2.8 points

Mathematics = 1.5 points



Our Key Stage 2 Results can be accessed on the government’s school performance website via the following link:

Key Stage figures













Comparative results for Key Stage 2 attainment can be found via the following link: KS2 (Year 6) Results 2015 to 2016